Lorenzo De Maria, Photographer

Born in 1978, I took up photography out of curiosity at the age of 14 and never looked back. I learned this profession in the field thanks to collaboration with other professionals, but only after graduating from university did I decide to become a professional photographer. My training is ongoing thanks to my attendance at workshops with international professionals as well as comparison with other photographers with whom I collaborate.

I am not a believer in specialization in photography, and for this this reason I simply define myself as a photographer with no other labels. What makes the difference are ideas, sensitivity, and passion for my work.

What I deal with


Why I love what I do  

I have always loved photography and all kinds of visual arts, because they let me express myself directly in a way that goes beyond the spoken language.
I especially love to photograph people because this lets me establish a profound contact with them, which is why I love photographing weddings and portraits. 
I often shoot uncontracted personal projects, which are perhaps the most difficult in that they have no defined borders, but are rather the most free from the point of view of expression. 
One of the things I have always enjoyed most about photography is printing. 
I love the fragrance of the paper, the feeling of having given life to a personal vision.

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